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Hot Encapsulation Film
 TUFFGuard Hot Encapsulation Film  
TUFFGuard Lamination Films are compatible with the widest range of laminators available.

Hot encapsulation film requires laminators with heated rollers to melt the adhesive while cold lamination film can be used on laminators with no heating unit.

Manufacturers of compatible laminators include:


Choosing the right media for the job can be a difficult task without actually seeing it, so ask our sales team to send you a sample swatch to be sure it meets your needs.

Orders below £300 are delivered for £9.95.
UK Mainland only.  All prices exclude VAT.



A 125mic film in a gloss finish with a low melt, heat activated adhesive. The film is easy to handle when cold as the glue only becomes active when heated to 90C or more through heated rollers. Encapsulation is ideal for enhancing colours on matt coated media, protecting prints from abrasion and sealing against water penetration. TUFFGuard™ – Protection for Digital Prints 


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