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tudio 'EZ' Auto Clam Press

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  • Application: Flooring, Signage, Textile, Merchandise, Workwear, Sportswear
  • Bed Size: 40cm x 50cm
    Wide opening clam
  • LED Digital Microprocessor Control

     £799.00 excl. VAT

     £958.80.00 incl. VAT

 Studio 'EZ' Auto Clam Press (40cm x 50cm)

The Studio 'EZ'-Auto Clam Press is the perfect solution for customers looking for a great all round A3 auto opening clam press. It’s incredibly simple to operate and requires minimum operating space. The auto open function is perfectly suited to busy production environments where you may be required to move away from the press during operation. The auto open function means that at the end of the countdown timer the heat press automatically opens, stopping the transfer process.

The LED controller provides a simple interface allowing you to set your required time and temperature. Once set, the LCD display simultaneously shows both the set values and the real time actual values.

Fingertip pressure control, a self-adhesive silicone base pad and secondary protective heat plate cowling all combine to put you in total control of your production.

Comparable to the Secabo TC5 and TC7 heat presses, but with a lower price ticket the Studio 'EZ'-Auto Clam Press is an excellent all round heat press.

The Studio 'EZ'-Auto Clam Press is supplied with a 40 cm x 50cm (15.75 in x 20 in) table, but optional different sized tables are available for specific applications such as pockets and shoes.

Compliance: Manufactured and tested to comply with EC safety regulations. CE labelled.

Supplied with:

- 12 months warranty on machine and heating element
- Instruction manual including full operating and safety instructions, electrical wiring diagrams, exploded diagram and parts list.
- Service and spare part support.

Requires: 230 Volts AC

Ideal for use with bonding, flex, flock, laser and sublimation transfers.

  Other Information
  Weight  Gross 60 Kg / Net 55 Kg
  Brand  Adkins
  Heat Press Type
  Heat Press Size
  40cm x 50xm
  Working Area (W x H x D):  52 x 90 x 69 cm
  Power Requirements:  230 Volts AC / 13 Amps (3 pin plug only) / 1800 Watts
  Heat Element:  Continuous – Cast In Aluminium
  Bed Size (L x W):  38 cm x 30 cm
  Control Unit:  LED Digital Microprocessor Control
  Frame Material:  Powder Coated Cast Frame
  Working Temperature:  0 – 255 °C
  Display Timer Range:  0 - 480 sec
  Warranty:  12 months (machine)




Studio Versa Press


Studio Versa Press


Studio Versa Press


Laser Cut Metal Frame

The one-piece laser cut metal frame ensures no weaknesses or frame flexing during pressing. This ensures no loss of pressure during the transfer process.


Secondary Heat Plate Cowling

A second heat plate cover reduces the risk of accidental burns by lowering the temperature of the upper heat plate cover.


Wide opening Clam action

The wide opening clam action makes loading and unloading this heat press incredibly easy and efficient.


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