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  • Create ICC profiles for Scanners
  • Create ICC profiles for CRT and LCD displays
  • Create ICC profiles for RGB, CMYK Output Devices
  Contact Sales for ProfileMaker Publish
  Contact Sales for ProfileMaker Publish

ProfileMaker 5 Publish

Product Overview 

ProfileMaker 5 Publish is designed specifically for prepress and publishing professionals that need accurate and predictable color results across a broad range of printing systems – including  digital (laser and inkjet) and traditional (offset, flexo and gravure) printing systems. PM5 Publish provides the ability to provide monitors and scanners as well as RGB, CMYK, Hexachrome®, CMYK+Red/Blue and CMYK+Red/Green output devices. You can edit and customize profiles, while ensuring color quality for proofing and final print production.

Featuring modules to manage all of your color imaging devices and processes
  • Scanner – create ICC profiles for flatbed or drum scanners
  • Monitor – capture color information and create ICC profiles for CRT and LCD displays
  • Output – create ICC profiles for RGB, CMYK, Hexachrome® and CMYK + Red/Green output devices
  • Editor – edits profiles or fine tunes the ones you’ve created working with lightness, contrast, saturation, white point or gradation curves.
  • ColorPicker – converts spot colors (CxF or Pantone) to process color
  • MeasureTool – for data collection from color measurement devices and accurate profile computation

Add color measurement that meets your budget and automation needs
  • Eye-One Bundle – includes an Eye-On Pro spectrophotometer for high precision, low volume measurements via semi-automated strip reading capabilities. Offers the added capability of ambient light measurement – ideal for reading both flash and continuous light to be taken into account when building custom device profiles. Add automation any time with Eye-One iO.

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