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  • Create ICC profiles for Scanners
  • Create ICC profiles for CRT and LCD displays
  • Create Multi Channel ICC profiles
  • Create ICC profiles for RGB, CMYK Output Devices
  Contact Sales for ProfileMaker PublishPlus
  Contact Sales for ProfileMaker PublishPlus

ProfileMaker 5 Publish Plus

Product Overview 

The new ProfileMaker 5 Publish Plus is designed to meet the growing demands of print professionals producing CMYK-based multicolor output, including large format advertising, fine art reproduction, textile digital printing, packaging or small to medium multicolor print runs. Managing color in a multicolor workflow involves more than simply profiling an output device. To be effective and efficient, it must also address the separation process as well as softproofing and hardproofing requirements. ProfileMaker 5 Publish Plus is the only solution that addresses these two issues, enabling you to achieve exceptional quality results in a fraction of the time.

The new PM5 Publish Plus package contains all the functionality of PM5 Publish as well as advanced gamut-extending profiling technology and workflow tools for CMYK+N ICC printing. You can edit and softproof mages in Photoshop, create a multicolor separation with a single click and output images using the PM5 Multicolor Plug-ins for Adobe® Photoshop®. The result – you’ll save substantial time and materials by reducing your current 3 to 5 cycles of image editing, creating separations and printing down to a single iteration.

Featuring modules to manage all of your color imaging devices and processes
  • Scanner – create ICC profiles for flatbed or drum scanners
  • Monitor – capture color information and create ICC profiles for CRT and LCD displays
  • Output – create ICC profiles for RGB, CMYK, Hexachrome®, CMYK+Red/Green and CMYK+Red/Blue output devices
  • MultiColor - create ICC profiles for CMYK + up to 6 additional spot colors
  • Editor – edits profiles or fine tunes the ones you’ve created working with lightness, contrast, saturation, white point or gradation curves.
  • ColorPicker – converts spot colors (CxF or Pantone) to process color
  • MeasureTool – for data collection from color measurement devices and accurate profile computation

Add color measurement that meets your budget and automation needs
  • Eye-One Bundle – includes an Eye-On Pro spectrophotometer for high precision, low volume measurements via semi-automated strip reading capabilities. Offers the added capability of ambient light measurement – ideal for reading both flash and continuous light to be taken into account when building custom device profiles. Add automation any time with Eye-One iO.

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