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  • New Generic Output Profiler (GOP)
  • ICC Multi-Colour Seperations
  • N-Colour ICC Profile Gerenation
  Contact Sales for ProfileMaker Packaging
  Contact Sales for ProfileMaker Packaging

ProfileMaker 5 Packaging

Product Overview 

ProfileMaker 5 Packaging solution is tailored to meet the color management needs of the imaging workflow in the packaging market for flexo, gravure, offset and inkjet printing environments. It introduces the open ICC standard to complex multicolor scenarios and leads to reliable color communication.

Now producing an ICC color managed workflow has never been easier for the packaging printer. PM5 Packaging can dramatically accelerate your time-to-market and significantly reduce your production costs with these key features:
  • ICC MultiColor Separations: 1-click automated MultiColor separations removes tedious manual process (Photoshop® Plug-In)
  • ICC Softproofing/Hardproofing: Supports both soft and hard proofing of multicolor images directly in Photoshop (Photoshop® Plug-In)
  • NEW N-Color ICC profile generation Generate multicolor profiles up to ten channels with or without CMYK
  • NEW Generic Output Profiler (GOP) This patent-pending technology provides the ability to automatically rebuild a new profile when one or more spot colors change without recreating test charts, plates and cylinders – thus enabling the constant use of ICC profiles

Featuring modules to manage all of your color imaging devices and processes
  • Monitor and Scanner Profiling
  • Output Profiling
  • RGB, CMYK, Hexachrome®, CMYKRB, CMYKRG
  • CMYK+N (up to 6 additional custom colors)
  • N-Color (with or without CMYK) up to 10 channels
  • Patent-pending GOP (Generic Output Profiler) Technology for the rapid exchange of colors within existing ICC profiles. Measure only the new colors and import into your existing profile. GOP technology automatically generates a new profile.
  • Highly flexible test chart generation including CMYK+N and N-Color
  • Adobe Photoshop® MultiColor Plug-Ins for automated 1-click separations, plus soft- and hard proofing of MultiColor separations directly in Photoshop®
  • Professional profile editing
  • Quality assurance and process control functionality – view and export density, view gradation and dot gain curves, compare and average measurement data
  • Sophisticated spot color support for perfect spot color simulations on all printing technologies
  • Includes two-day on-site training provided by GretagMacbeth application specialist, or a trained and certified color consultant or dealer

Add color measurement that meets your budget and automation needs
  • Eye-One Bundle – includes an Eye-On Pro spectrophotometer for high precision, low volume measurements via semi-automated strip reading capabilities. Eye-One Pro measures all devices plus flash/ambient light.  Add automation any time with Eye-One iO.

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