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  Pitstop Professional  
  • Add/edit text in PDF documents
  • Modify the color space of images
  • Add, modify, or remove spot colors
  • Crop Pages


 Pitstop Professional  -  Powerful Pre-Flight Check!

Product Overview

Enfocus PitStop Professional is an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in indispensable for every graphic arts and publishing professional. Its interactive and automated editing capabilities allow everyone to perform advanced PDF editing and correction up until the very last moment. PitStop Professional offers the most comprehensive and intuitive preflight experience available. Its powerful Certified PDF® technology provides immediate visual feedback and allows tracking of every edit made to a PDF. Having proven to be a real job-saver, PitStop Professional offers immediate return on investment.

PitStop Professional’s comprehensive interactive inspection and editing tools enable changes of virtually all of the attributes of a PDF available. Global Change speeds up the editing by offering universal modifications throughout an entire document. Trough Action Lists repetitive tasks are automated. New in PitStop Professional 7, Action Lists can now be interactively recorded. The preflighting capabilities of PitStop Professional are beyond compare.

Compliant with the PDF/X and Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications, Enfocus PDF Profiles allow checking of all critical issues and the automatic correction over 100% of the most common errors. The totally redesigned Enfocus Navigator speeds up file repair by clearly indicating errors and enables interactive fixing. Enfocus Certified PDF technology embeds the PDF Profile and preflight report in the file for easy file exchange.


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