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 Easymount EM-1200SH   
  • Now 50% faster - up to 3 metres per minute
  • Also now features extra mandrels for holding spare film
  • hot and cold mounting and laminating
  • solid construction heavy duty system
  • mount and laminate simultaneously
  • single hot adjustable roller

 Easymount EM-1200 Single Hot Roller

Product Overview

A simple and cost effective design makes the Easymount a great solution for mounting and laminating in a commercial print or signage environment requiring a high quality finish.

Practical and easy to use the Easymount incorporates a heated top roller, and will simultaneously mount and laminate large format graphics and signs with minimal effort.

Only high quality components are used for maximum reliability.

Ideal for:
Mounting prints to boards
Applying cold laminates
Applying application tapes
Applying adhesives
Applying vinyl's, and much more

Great for use in: Commercial Printers, Sign Makers, Copy Shops

The new Easymount™ combines style with functionality.  The  design has been enhanced and more features have been added. This award winning* range sets new standards of excellence.

The three models in the range include 1200, 1400 and 1600mm widths, all of which are capable of producing up to 3 metres per minute - 50% faster than before!

The range now features additional mandrel holders for storing spare rolls of film, a swing out feed tray for hassle free loading and a pressure gauge on the rollers to give perfect results every time.

•   Hot & Cold Mounting and Laminating
•   solid construction heavy-duty system
•   mount & laminate simultaneously
•   single hot adjustable roller
•   take up mandrel for release liner paper
•   large silicon rollers for even pressure
•   reverse mechanism and foot pedal
•   magic eye safety feature

•   50% faster - now up to 3m per minute
•   extra mandrels to hold spare rolls of film which
    saves time when changing rolls
•   adjustable castors for levelling on an uneven floor
•   bigger feed tray to assist prints feeds
•   swing out feed tray and safety guard making mounting
    onto board and loading the film quicker and hassle free
•   pressure gauge on rollers, adjustable on machine to
    give perfect pressure every time
Max Laminating Width:
Max Mounting Thickness:
Max Lamination Thickness:
Max Laminating Speed:
Laminating Temperature:
Power Consumtion
Power Supply:
Dimensions (w X D X H):

Width: 1200mm
Approx 3 metres per minute
0-60 C
AC 220-240v / 50-60hz
1790 x 648 x 1248mm
178 Kg
1 Year


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