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 ONYX ProductionHouse  
  • Production environment, medium to high volume
  • Drives flatbed and grand-format print devices
  • Prints with aqueous, solvent, or UV inks
  • Offers the ability to proof color across multiple devices
  • ONYX Profile Generator included

ONYX Production House

Product Overview

Ease of Use

  • Simply click File — Open — Print to achieve great output
  • Print directly from Mac- or PC-based creative applications
  • Get a printer operator-friendly job preflight and printer queue
  • Get free, automated software and driver updates with ONYX® AutoUpdate

Great Color

  • Easily calibrate any media substrate
  • ONYX Profile Generator included
  • Take advantage of the full gamut of your printers with ink control tools
  • Recalibrate your printers quickly without having to rebuild ICC color profiles
  • Get consistent color over multiple print devices
  • Achieve excellent black generation and spot-color matching

Superior Flatbed Workflow

  • Layout tool for custom placement of print jobs
  • Get more jobs per sheet than other RIPs with maximized nesting
  • Variable Data tool for batch print jobs with different text, logos, and barcodes
  • Optimized for large format printing

Universal Workflow

  • Work across platforms and drive multiple printers from various manufacturers
  • Interactively scale, crop, and rotate images
  • Apply custom tiling to oversized prints
  • Make color corrections and replace color–or a range of colors–from Preflight

Increased Productivity

  • Easily track ink usage and get cost estimates before printing
  • Visually preview files to avoid costly reprinting
  • Get a fast, reliable PostScript® RIP
  • RIP multiple PostScript/PDF and raster files at the same time

PANTONE® Color Matching



Easy-to-Use Universal Workflow Solution

How many different software RIPs does your shop use? More than one is too many! If you have different RIPs for different print devices, who is your expert on each RIP? How do you get consistent results across multiple devices?

With ONYX® ProductionHouseTM, you have one easy workflow that gets you great color on all of your devices. All of your jobs follow the same easy workflow and all of your printer operators use this same easy workflow, regardless of output device.

Preflight Puts It All at Your Fingertips

Preflight is easy to navigate and easy to use because key actions and controls are located in the main tabs. Preflight also shows you final output colors on your screen, saving you the hassle of having to print in order to see the final colors of each job.

Increased High-Production Throughput

When you simply cannot afford to have your printers at a standstill — for even a short time — you can’t afford to be without ProductionHouse. You’ll find ONYX Workflow products in more high-production environments than any other RIP product.

Ink Usage Tracking and Reporting

ProductionHouse Version 7.0 allows you to obtain ink usage and cost estimates on any job before printing. You can also view ink costs in the RIP-Queue’s job log. This innovative feature shows each ink channel usage and estimated cost and works with all dot patterns.

Web Portal for Web-Based Print Job Management

Manage your print jobs from any computer on your network with a web browser. You can also submit jobs from a PC, Mac, or Unix-based compatible web browser on your network.

Superior Flatbed Workflow

Experience a faster RIP time when using Stochastic halftone screening. Tiles can now be processed individually, so printing starts when the first tile is processed. New Nesting in 7.0 automatically rotates tiles and jobs for better media savings and print speed.


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