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 Onyx RipCenter  
  • Non-Production environment
  • Require better color than from standard Windows® drivers
  • Interested in tracking ink and media usage
  • Want to reduce media costs by automatically nesting prints


Product Overview

For Every User

  • Automatically install the program, queue and printer in one easy step
  • Print directly to the queue from your creative application as you would to any desktop printer—even across networks and platforms
  • Easily track ink usage and get cost estimates before printing
  • Visually preview files to avoid costly reprinting
  • Get automatic scaling and tiling of images
  • RIP and simultaneously print bitmapped files for faster throughput
  • Reduce ink consumption and media spoilage with MediaSave nesting and nesting preview

Business / Office Graphics

  • Skip the service bureau and print your own display office graphics
  • Make large prints of Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation slides
  • Enjoy faster process and print times compared to slower hardware RIPs
  • Get the right corporate colors when proofing advertising pieces

Photography / Fine Art

  • Print photographs and portrait packages directly from Adobe® PhotoShop®
  • Get better color than from standard Windows® drivers
  • Dramatically reduce media costs by automatically nesting pictures
  • Use image interpolation for high-quality enlargements


  • Enlarge and print computer-rendered TIFF images to size
  • Save time—printing starts while image is still processing
  • Print directly from your Mac or PC CAD/GIS applications

PANTONE® Color Matching

ONYX® RipCenter™ includes a fully licensed PANTONE® Color Library, which makes spot color matching easy because more accurate PANTONE spot color matching happens automatically during processing. The ONYX RIP recognizes PANTONE-named colors in PostScript® or PDF files and matches the colors as closely as possible.



Easy to Install, Easy to Use

With ONYX RipCenter, getting up to speed and producing professional color is as simple as install, open file, and print. Yet despite its simplicity, RipCenter contains a production toolset that outperforms bundled RIPs and Windows printer drivers.

RipCenter Workflow

Professional Quality Color, Every Time

Default color calibration and ICC® profiles—optimized for a variety of ink and media combinations—provide consistent, accurate color “out of the box” for those just getting started in large format printing.

Network Accessible Across Platforms

The RipCenter queue appears as a normal printer on your network, so you can print directly from your creative application from any Mac or PC on the network or drag and drop jobs into a Hot Folder. When the system detects an available printer matching the correct job properties, printing begins automatically.

Onyx Saves Media

Automatic Updates Just a Click Away

The included ONYX AutoUpdate feature keeps your RipCenter application current with the latest 7.0 product features and printer drivers by periodically verifying your RIP installation and then automatically downloading only the software updates you need.


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