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  • Media width up to 130 cm
  • Cut width up to 120 cm
  • Includes stand and media basket

Summa Vinyl Cutter S120 T-Series   (120cm)

Product Overview

The versatile new 120 cm Summa S120 T Series gives you Summa S Class power and precision with a state-of-the-art TrueTangential™ cutting head. It employs our most powerful servomotors yet and Summa’s MicroSprocket™ drive to let you cut with amazing speed, confidence and precision. Coupled with an astonishing array of innovations and built-in capabilities, Summa S Class does more than any other cutter in its class. Precisely.

Key Features

TrueTangential  UPDATED! TrueTangential™ Cutting Head
With its motor-controlled blade rotation, Summa T Series cutters deliver unmatched power and cut-quality. Images weed faster and easier. Plus you'll have the power to cut thick materials with ease.
SelectTouch  NEW! SelectTouch™ Control Center
The new touch-sensitive control panel puts every advanced feature at your fingertips by way of a clear, high-contrast, back-lit display.
Variable Pressure Rollers  NEW! Variable-Tension Pinch Rollers
Selectable pinch-roller pressure gives you superior tracking over a wide range of vinyl, screen-lithe, polyester and paper. Whether you’re tracking thick or thin material, you’ll get amazing tracking accuracy.
Dual Cutting Strips  NEW! Dual Cutting Strips
Separate cut and pounce protection strips let you switch to pounce mode without changing your protection strip. Going from cut to pounce is as easy as swapping a blade for a pen, making Summa S Class cutters as easy as they are versatile.
OPOS X contour-cutting alignment  UPDATED! OPOS™ X Print-Cut Alignment
The world’s best and best-selling optical alignment system is now even better. OPOS X features a more advanced optical scanner that’s capable of reading registration marks on an even wider range of output.
Cutoff Knife  NEW! Auto Cut-Off Knife
The totally redesigned D-Series cutting head includes a new auto cut-off knife, which you can optionally set to slice your media at the end of each job.
Offset Media Rollers  NEW! Offset Media Support Rollers
The new media support rollers are now off-set to hold roll-fed materials more securely. Now you can cut at top speeds without fear of your roll being pulled off its track.
MicroSprocket Grit Rollers  Legendary Summa Tracking
Our exclusive MicroSprocket™ drive drum conditions the media as it advances to assure super-accurate tracking. Summa cutters track so well, they've literally become an industry legend.



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