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Designed for use with hot and cold roll fed laminators, TUFFGuard™ lamination films and TUFFBond™ mount films are ideal for the finishing of graphics produced on wide format printers. The TUFFGuard™ range comprises low-melt encapsulation films and cold, pressure sensitive lamination films at a price/performance demanded by today’s competitive market. All the popular weights and finishes are covered with some specialised films added for good measure.

TUFFGuard Cold Lamination Film

Cold Lamination Film

Also known as 'cold seal' or 'pressure sensitive lamination film', our TUFFGuard™ PVC cold lamination films are designed to work through roll fed laminators at room temperature using only the roller pressure to adhere them to the print surface. Finishes include Crystal Matte, Satin and Gloss. TUFFGuard™ – Protection for digital prints.

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TUFFGuard Hot Encapsulation Film

Hot Encapsulation Film

A 125mic gloss finish with a low melt, heat activated adhesive. The film is easy to handle when cold as the glue only becomes active when heated to 90C or more through heated rollers. Encapsulation is ideal for enhancing colours on matt coated media, protecting prints from abrasion and sealing against water penetration. TUFFGuard™ – Protection for digital prints.

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TUFFGuard Mount Film

Mount Film

Using a strong polyester film coated both sides with adhesive, our TUFFBond™ mount films give you protection against shrinkage and a choice of adhesives for all the popular mounting applications. TUFFBond™– Holding your graphics together.

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