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  • Supports over 500 Printers
  • For Large Format Production
  • Colour Management in HighEnd Quality
  • Digital Proofs and Screen Printing Films
  • Big Banner (Textile, Indoor & Outdoor)
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Product Overview


PRODUCTIONSERVER5 ULTIMATE - Full feature range for highest requirements 

Speed and production reliability are the decisive factors today in digital printing services.  

 New VersionThe new ColorGATE PRODUCTIONSERVER5 ULTIMATE is the high-end large-format RIP for professional print service providers with a full complement of production tools that fulfill your wishes.

PRODUCTIONSERVER5 ULTIMATE, as professional solution, contains all PRO  and SELECT  functions. In addition it comes with four RIP- and Printer-Queues, 20 hotfolder for automated job processing as well as two arbitrary printer drivers of category I. Both printers can work in parallel mode, so that output and production optimization can be achieved:

Optional functions and Modules available for PRODUCTIONSERVER5 to enhance your service spectrum by Proofing, Film production, integrated Profiling and much more.


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