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  • Supports over 500 Printers
  • For Large Format Production
  • Colour Management in HighEnd Quality
  • Digital Proofs and Screen Printing Films
  • Big Banner (Textile, Indoor & Outdoor)
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PRODUCTIONSERVER5 (PS5) Upgrade Reasons 

Improved User Interface - The revised user interface allows an even faster working with the PS5. You can prepare print jobs more effectively with only a few mouse clicks for output in less time and increase the productivity of your personnel and printers. Additionally you can decrease the effort to introduce new employees and minimize expensive waste.

Latest RIP Technology - PS5 includes the latest RIP technology to decrease RIP times of PS, PDF and PDF/X files significantly. Besides the enhanced productivity the detailed data analysis in PS5 enables a safer output without errors. Because of that you can benefit from a more stable workflow.

16 Bit Color Rendering - The color engine changeover from 8 to 16 bit removes stepping for much smoother gradients and optimized reproduction of details. The increased quality of your prints provides you with a competitive advantage and makes your customers happy.

Improved File Management - The simultaneous processing of print jobs accelerates the working with PS5. Open, move and rip several print jobs at the same time to reduce unnecessary waiting times. New sorting features in PS5 keep your print jobs clearly arranged. Therefore you can access the customer jobs any time without spending much time finding the right job.

Color Picker - The new color picker in PS5 allows to identify the composition of an input color and to define a replacement color value. Thus you can apply selective color corrections and replacements directly in PS5 with only a few mouse clicks to increase the productivity and to minimize waste caused by wrong output colors.

New JobInfo Log - PS5 includes an intelligent job info log. Besides the details about print time, speed and print area it displays the results of the file analysis. Use the new, automated job info log to avoid waste caused by missing fonts or not replaced spot colors.

Horizontal Tiling - The improved Variable Tiling feature in PS5 now allows to tile wide format jobs horizontally. Create complex segmentings faster and save media with the enhanced tiling features.

Media Device Synchronization (MDS) - The Media Device Synchronization matches a system, which consists of a printer, ink and media, to a reference system. Therefore PS5 allows you to print with every system the exact same results. Define a quality standard with a color consistent and reproducible production and strengthen the loyalty of your customers. The high quality output of color critical jobs will give you an advantage over your competition and will help to win new customers.

Improved White Ink Support - The support for white inks in compatible printers was significantly improved in PS5. This allows you to make your print production more effective through minimizing preparation and printing time. Several white print functions enable the use of your printer for various white print requirements to expand your customer base. Handle a multitude of new applications that are made possible by the sophisticated use of white ink by PS5.

Media Compensation - Certain printers have the negative characteristic to print large format prints slightly out of size. By using this function the length as well as width dimension can be compensated automatically. Therefore you can always check, if your system prints accurately when using different print mode settings and media. Producing expensive waste are things of the past.

 PRODUCTIONSERVERIMPORTANT: Upgrades to version 5 accept MIM combinations of version 4 for color consistent production!

Attractive Upgrade Prices - The new PS5 ULTIMATE Edition extends PRODUCTIONSERVER4 with lots of functions. With the upgrade you get functions worth of € 2.100,- with an obvious cost advantage. In addition to the higher production safety and the increased performance PS5 ULTIMATE allows the easy creation of ICC profiles for printing systems. If you now preorder PS5, you can benefit from the attractive subscription offer and save € 100,-. Loyalty Offer For ColorGATE Users** With the purchase of an upgrade of PRODUCTIONSERVER5, PHOTOGATE5 or PROOFGATE5 we offer the PROFILER Modules for an extra attractive loyalty offer price.


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