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  • Photo and art prints in high-end quality
  • Image art production on a diverse range of media
  • Neutral grayscale images
  • Individual effect toning
  • Color adaptation to compensate ambient light
  • High-quality color and black-and-white prints
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PHOTOGATE  -  Photo & Fine Art Production!

Product Overview

  • Photo and FineArt Productions on inkjet printers in high-end quality
  • Optimized production reliability and workflow
  • Perfection in combination with the ColorGATE PRODUCTIONSERVER4


Photo- and FineArt Technology – impressively sharp details on all media

ColorGATE Photo- and FineArt TechnologyTrue-to-life printing made easy

What good is the reproduction of a perfect image if it doesn’t do justice to the original? ColorGATE offers photographers, designers, agencies and service companies a professional software solution: now they can put the fascination of the original 1:1 on paper using an inkjet printer with visual or other measuring tools. Automated and reproducible any time in perfect coordination between the printer, the ink and the presentation medium. Regardless of whether you choose aquarelle, hand-made or photo and fineart paper, ColorGATE Photo and FineArt Technology guarantees an optimal workflow plus absolute production reliability.

Two convenient modular solutions, which can be expanded at any time, put optional efficiency into your workflow:

  • PHOTO & FINEART Module – Power add-on for platform independent center management of the ColorGATE PRODUCTIONSERVER4
  • PHOTOGATE4 ColorGATE Photo and FineArt Technology as stand-alone software. Available in the following versions:
    • PRO (bitmap and all popular pre-press file formats)
    • RASTER (bitmap file formats)
Photo and FineArt Technology Benefits

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