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  • Unique one piece squaring arm
  • Lockable telescope legs for perfect individual working height
  • Can be mounted against a wall
  • Unique quality guarantees
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 Excalibur 1000

Product Overview

The Legend of King Arthur has it that the Lady of the Lake offered only Arthur the unbreakable sword “Excalibur” that would ensure his victory in every battle.

The Keencut Excalibur is now creating a legend of its own. Working worldwide to defeat the evils of ever tougher materials and more aggressive competitors the Keencut Excalibur offers world beating performance with the best long term guarantees in the industry.

Designed to cut all the sheet materials used in the modern picture framing and visual communications industries, the Excalibur range cuts vertically, providing the ultimate in space saving convenience. It cuts sheet materials easily, cleanly and accurately every time. The super-grip clamp holds even thick materials at any required angle and the clear rule along the cut line allows easy alignment to artwork, lines or registration marks.

Excalibur uses standard inexpensive blades to cut a wide range of sheet materials without distortion and without dust, it will deliver accurate, fast cutting, with square, clean cuts to the correct size every time, whether for one off jobs or full production runs. Excalibur is so easy to use that even the most junior employee will master it in minutes. Wastage and errors will reduce as productivity increases, saving time and generating profit for any picture framing or visual communications workshop.
Built to last for many years in continuous service, Excalibur embodies the highest
standards of engineering excellence combined with outstanding value for money.


  • Unique one piece squaring arm for easy installation and guaranteed straightness along the entire length.
  • 'A’ frame construction for rigidity and to help direct all cutting forces downwards through the legs.
  • Lockable telescopic legs for perfect individual working height.
  • Cutting to size is made easy using the two adjustable production stops.
  • A single thumbscrew quickly and permanently adjusts the Excalibur perfectly square at the time of installation.
  • High performance linear bearings precisely control the sliding head(s) on a smooth rigid slideway to give square cuts every time.
  • Can be mounted against a wall or in the centre of a room using the optional free standing kit enabling the machine to be installed in the most efficient workshop location.
  • A clear acrylic rule runs along the full length of the cut line, allowing perfect positioning of the work to be cut. Cutting accurately to pencil lines, registration marks or the edge of a mounted image couldn’t be simpler.
  • Unique quality guarantees


Excalibur 1000 - Features a single purpose cutter head with interchangeable utility blade, plastic scoring blade and optional glass cutting attachment. The utility blade is ideal for cutting foam centred board, honeycomb plastics, corrugated cardboard, matboard and more and a ratchet device fitted to the head makes it ideal for cutting pvc foamboard up to 13mm (0.5”) easily and
without dust.


  KE01, KE03, KE05 KE02, KE04, KE06 KE07
 cm (") 122 (48) 160 (63) 200 (80)
A cm (") 208 (82) 244 (96) 269 (106)
B cm (") 213 (84)
C cm (") 30 - 40 (12 - 16)




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