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  • Available in 5 sizes
  • All aluminium and silver anodised base for strength and straightness
  • Smooth, elegant ultra modern design for years of good looks
  • 21 century material technology for the finest precision
  • Outstanding value for money

 Rotary Cutters Technic TE - available in 5 sizes

Product Overview

Keencut offers the widest choice of rotary cutters in the world. From the evolutionary Classic series to the revolutionary all new Technic series there is a Keencut rotary cutter for a multitude of applications. Equally capable of cutting the thinnest of tissue and film to heavy cardboard, metals, plastics, fabrics and much more up to 3 metres (120”) in length, there is a Keencut rotary cutter just right for the job. Superbly styled and strongly built to look and perform “like new” for many years both the Classic and the Technic feature an extruded and silver anodised base, ultra low friction bearings and fully enclosed self honing cutting wheels. Keencut rotary cutters are designed to give years of peak performance and will enhance every workplace, school or office in which they are used.


  • All aluminium extruded and silver anodised base for strength and straightness.
  • Smooth, elegant ultra modern design for years of good looks.
  • Excellent build quality with the precision of computer controlled manufacturing.
  • 21st Century material technology for the finest performance and precision.
  • 5 year full guarantee excluding replacement cutting wheels.
  • Extensive range of special purpose accessories.
  • Award winning customer service.
  • Outstanding value for money.

Keencut Rotary Cutters are not just trimmers, they are tough cutting machines factory guaranteed to give many years of service.

Backed by award winning service (our commitment to service is posted on this website). Keencut Rotary Cutters belong in every factory, office, school and workshop where sheet materials are cut.

Designed to fit the edge of any work surface, the Technic TE (table edge) will turn the most basic work bench into a superb cutting table ideal for large format materials. Like all Technic cutters the TE will cut in both directions but with the added benefit of an increased working area will allow the largest work to be easily aligned and trimmed single-handed.

Available in 5 sizes from 1m (40”) to 3m (120”)



  KT51 KT52 KT53 KT54 KT55
 A cm (") 100 (40) 150 (60) 200 (80) 250 (100) 300 (120)
B cm (") 133 (52.5) 179 (70.5) 231 (91) 280 (110.25) 332 (130.75)
C cm (") 13

  • Paper, card and film
  • Some fabrics
  • Banner material
  • Most materials that will cut with scissors up to 2mm thick.


  • Extended 90cm (36") Squaring Arm
    Stand with waste catcher and roll holder


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