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 EFI Fiery XF  
  • FOGRA Approved Proofing System
  • Multi-Format Support
  • Advanced Colourmanagement
  • Spot Colour Management
  • Load Balancing
  • Remote Proofing

EFI Fiery XF  -  The Ultimate Proofing Solution!

Output Options

Flexible Output Options for Every Need

The modular structure of EFI Fiery XF™ enables you to customize it to your existing output devices and workflow to meet your specific requirements.

Printer Options M, XL and XXL

Fiery XF supports a variety of output devices such as inkjet, LED and laser printers. It offers three options depending on the printer size:

  • Printer Option M: For A3/A2 printers with a printing width of 18".
  • Printer Option XL: For printers with a printing width of 19" to 24".
  • Printer Option XXL: For printers with a printing width over 25".

The basic package includes Printer Option M; however, you can add other printer options at any time, enabling you to control a variety of printers centrally from your Fiery XF.

Fiery Option

The Fiery Option enables you to harness the leading color quality and consistency of Bestcolor® Technology with the high performance and speed of Fiery controllers and servers to create multi-functional printer pools for content and contract proofs and digital print production.

To find out more, click Fiery Option.

File Export Option

Fiery XF’s File Export Option prepares your data for specific print conditions and outputs a color-corrected TIFF file to ensure optimum output quality. You also can export bitmap PDFs that are reproduced in the same way on all systems, facilitating fast and effective binding approvals from customers.

Gravure Option

The Gravure Option offers customers a cost-effective digital engraving solution. It separates greyscale TIFFs to engrave gravure cylinders, closing the gap between design and the electromechanical engraving systems

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