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 EFI Fiery XF  
  • FOGRA Approved Proofing System
  • Multi-Format Support
  • Advanced Colourmanagement
  • Spot Colour Management
  • Load Balancing
  • Remote Proofing

EFI Fiery XF  -  The Ultimate Proofing Solution!

Dot Creator Option

Advanced Screen Simulation and Filmsetting/Platesetting

With the Dot Creator Option, you can screen contone data and output it on drop on demand inkjet printers, enabling realistic simulation of a screened production run and entry into the world of computer-to-inkjet film (CtIF) or computer-to-inkjet plate (CtIP) technology. This feature also allows you to create films fast and cost-effectively.

Achieve Accurate Simulation of End Product

Unseparated Output enables you to create a screened proof that clearly simulates offset, flexo or silk screen printing output. Spot colors also are screened for CMYK output. Now, you quickly can offer your customers a screened product that looks almost identical to the end product.  

Produce Cost-Effective Filmsetting/Platesetting

Separated output on inkjet printers enables you to quickly and cost-effectively create films and printing plates for the production run, the first step into CtIF and CtIP technology. 

Make Work Easier and More Productive

High-performance functions support you in creating screened prints. You can employ a variety of common screen dot shapes easily, including the screen angle combinations supplied or define the screen angles and rulings yourself. The anti-moiré function checks the screen settings and corrects the angles that cause moirés, saving you money by reducing misprints.

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