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 EFI Fiery XF  
  • FOGRA Approved Proofing System
  • Multi-Format Support
  • Advanced Colourmanagement
  • Spot Colour Management
  • Load Balancing
  • Remote Proofing

EFI Fiery XF  -  The Ultimate Proofing Solution!

OneBit Option

Produce Reliable Screen Proofs

The OneBit Option allows you to increase your customer satisfaction by producing high-quality, reliable screen proofs that are identical to your final print. It identifies and prevents moirés, artefacts, trapping and content errors, including colour deviations.

Print Exactly What You See

The OneBit Option works according to the "RIP Once Output Many” concept, ensuring that the proof has the same screen dot shape, screen angle, screen ruling and screen dot size, giving you an accurate representation of the final print.

Increase your Customer Service and Satisfaction

This option provides your customers with an assurance that the job matches the proof they already have approved, making low quality a thing of the past. You also receive a higher return on your investment by preventing prepress and pressroom production errors, saving precious time and materials while maximizing your production capacity.

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