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 EFI Fiery XF  
  • FOGRA Approved Proofing System
  • Multi-Format Support
  • Advanced Colourmanagement
  • Spot Colour Management
  • Load Balancing
  • Remote Proofing

EFI Fiery XF  -  The Ultimate Proofing Solution!

Production Option

High-performance large-format Solution

The Production Option transforms your large-format printer into a fast production solution that achieves high productivity and outstanding color quality. By offering your customers additional services such as poster and banner production, you can boost your customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Ensures Maximum Productivity

The advanced Step & Repeat functions enable you to create samples in no time by simply specifying images to be repeated and mirrored horizontally or vertically.

Use the tiling function to divide a print job into different parts and facilitate processing of print jobs that are larger than the printer width. Overlaps, cutting marks, and tile numbering are freely definable and enable printouts to be joined together more easily later. The automatic and manual tiling functions ensure maximum flexibility. What’s more, the display in the preview window gives you an exact overview and enables misprints to be minimized.

Colour adjustment functions allow you to manually adjust colour, brightness, and contrast, meeting your customers' specific needs quickly.


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