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  • Inkjet imaged using standard Epson printers and ink.
  • Instant-Dry, inkjet coating gives maximum densities
  • Excellent dot sharpness, microfine lines and perfect solids
  • No Darkroom, No Processor, No Chemistry, No Hassles!
  • Excellent value for money.

    PosiPrint™ Screen Film Prices

  •     PosiPrint Film Prices

PosiPrint™ - Inkjet Imagesetter System & Patented Inkjet Film

Utilising Chemistry-Free, Inkjet Film for Creating Colour Separations

Product Overview
PosiPrint Inkjet Screen film is a polyester-based clear inkjet film for computer-to-film digital high density imaging using inkjet printers. PosiPrint film is designed to produce high-resolution instant-drying screen ready positives in 2, 4 and 8 page formats, with UV density matching silver-based films. When imaged on high-resolution Epson Stylus Pro and Epson Surecolor T Series printers, the patented ink-receiving layer ensures excellent reproduction of 2 - 98% dots at 2880 dpi, micro-fine lines and perfect solids.

PosiPrint offers the lowest cost computer-to-film solution, ideally suited  to Screen Printers, Sign Makers and Commercial/Flexo Printers.

The PosiPrint™ Inkjet Imagesetter System comprises the following:

PC platform with Wasatch software RIP
The Wasatch software RIP which although highly detailed is extremely user friendly. It is Postcript Level 3 and has accurate Ink Density, Linearisation and Dotgain controls.  A wide selection of screening algorithms are available including ABS (Agfa Balanced Screening) to create the best balance of AM/Hybrid screens.

InkJet CTF - Epson Printer

Epson 17", 24", 36", 44" or 64" Printer
Epson printers are high resolution pigment-based inkjet imaging devices, which can be used for imaging PosiPrint film, proofing media and a wide variety of other inkjet substrates. As the system uses standard EPSON inks you can also use the printer to generate additional income by producing posters, banners, canvas and photographic prints, etc.


Every System also includes:
- Delivery, Installation and training
- 12 months Telephone Support and Remote Dial in Support
- 12 months PC Warranty

- 12 Months Printer Warranty


PosiPrint™ Screen Film Prices:      Available to buy online here

PosiPrint Features & Benefits
• Specialised layer for good ink acceptance ensuring higher Dmax and at the same time ensuring Instant Drying
• 1, 2, 4, & 8 pages format capability with excellent registration accuracy
• Superior water resistance.
• Single, spot & pleasing full-colour reproduction capability. 
• Accepts both Dye and Pigment Inks
• Excellent dot sharpness and solid black reproduction.
• No Camera, No Darkroom, No Processor, No Chemistry , No hassles!
• Excellent value for money.

PosiPrint Specifications
• Base            :      Thermo-stabilised dimensionally stable polyester film.
• Surface        :      Mircoporous matting grain surface
• Thickness    :     130 microns
• Sizes           :       Available in all standard sizes
• Shelf-life      :       One year under storage conditions.
• Storage       :       Normal air-conditioned office environment, away from excessive heat & humidity.


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Inkjet Imagesetter CTF

Product Overview
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Inkjet Imagesetter CTF