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  • Media width up to 145 cm
  • Cut width up to 135 cm
  • Includes stand and media basket


Media rack & Roll-up system

New roll systems increases ease-of-use on the Summa S Class vinyl cutters.

(01 February 06 — Gistel, Belgium) The Belgium-based sign cutting plotter and large-format printer manufacturer Summa bvba announces two roll systems for its S Class line of professional cutting plotters.

A solid, most effective media rack

As it is integrated in the stand this handy option is most space saving and it can hold up to 3 extra rolls of vinyl! It includes 3 additional sets of core holders for easier and faster media replacement. This media rack will become available for the large format S Class cutters (S140 & S160) and can be upgraded to any existing S Class.
 A servo-powered roll-up system

After a job is finished, the system will roll up the artwork very neatly and prepare the machine for the next unattended job. The new integrated panelling feature splits long-length runs in shorter consecutive jobs! The S Class can therefore cut complete rolls unattended and delivers the output nicely rolled-up. This option can be installed on all new S140 and S160 models.

"During the last 10-20 years the production capacity of vinyl cutters has significantly increased." says Geert Pierloot, Product Marketing Manager of Summa. "The S Class is a real workhorse, the actual cutting time is only a fraction of the complete production cycle. Features that speed-up loading the material or properly collecting the output for the next step in the progress are highly appreciated in high production environments."


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