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Differences between Drag and Tangential Cutting

Swivel or drag knife

Its simplicity has made drag knife (or swivel knife) technology, the most commonly used. In order to cut corners the knife can rotate freely in the knife holder. To orientate the knife direction, a drag-movement is made assuming the knife tip will follow accordingly.
Summa cutters include enhanced methods to optimise this drag-movement to obtain the best possible cutting quality.


  1. The drag knife cuts and stops before entering a corner
  2. The eccentric blade is rotated by performing a drag-movement, while never leaving the media,  to the desired angle
  3. Once the drag-movement is finished the machine can continue cutting

Tangential knife

Tangential cutting technology guarantees a superior performance compared to commonly used drag/swivel knife techniques. The direction of the tangential knife is electronically controlled, by which T-series are capable of cutting very precise and with very high pressures. The perfect cutting makes weeding very easy, saving you a lot of valuable time.

Tangential movement

  1. The tangential knife cuts and stops before entering a corner
  2. The blade is lifted, for certain difficult corners, and rotated to the desired angle by an extra motor
  3. Once the blade has the desired angle, the blade is lowered and cutting is continued


Drag knife Tangential knife
Faster cutting More detail and smaller fonts
Easier usage (only knife pressure adjust) Thicker and rigid materials
  More accurate knife depth adjustment

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