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  • Produces digital proofs according to ISO standard
  • Turn-key proof solution for reliable proofing
  • Supports PDF/X
  • integrated evaluation tools for validating proof quality
  • High-quality DeviceLink profiles for standard transformation included
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ColorGATE PROOFGATE  -  Certified Contract Proofs!

Profile Module

Benefits of a good profiling with ColorGATE PROFILERThe benefits of a good profiling at a glance
  1. Neutral grayscales,
  2. Smooth gradients,
  3. Details in dark tones,
  4. Brilliant red & blue tones,
  5. Natural skin tones,
  6. Optimum ink coverage

ColorGATE PROFILER Module (PFM)PROFILER Module (PFM) - the printed image optimizer 

One set-up for perfect quality immediately every time

For creation of ICC profiles, directly from the assistant-guided software. The linearization and profiling assistant guides you through the relevant settings, ensuring professional generation of printer profiles. Freedom in the media selection for flexible digital prints with the highest color quality.

Additional service areas can be realized with ease thanks to this system expansion. Complete color control across all print media with individual ICC profiles. The PROFILER Module makes it really convenient and particularly easy to use, even if you're not a professional. 

The result: reliably professional MIM combinations, stored in a profile that is available whenever you need it. And – as a result – high-end digital printing on the medium of your choice. 


Easy profiling with the assistant guided ColorGATE PROFILER ModuleProfiling with the assistant guided PROFILER - 
It's as simple as that:

1. Select your MIM settings* and the target and print it
2. Afterwards measure the target to create a linearization
 - now also possible with printer-embedded measurement devices!
3. Print the ink limit target 4. Evaluate the ink limit target visually and set the optimum value
5. Print the gray balance target
6. Measure the gray balance target
(This iterative process can be repeated, if necessary)
7. Print the media default target
8. Measure the media default target 9. Create the media default profile - That's it!



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