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  • Supports over 500 Printers
  • For Large Format Production
  • Colour Management in HighEnd Quality
  • Digital Proofs and Screen Printing Films
  • Big Banner (Textile, Indoor & Outdoor)
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Product Overview

Economical beginner´s variants as a first step on the professional Print for Pay market

PRODUCTIONSERVER5 SELECT includes basic functions such as one hotfolder for automated output, ICC-color management, free defineable scaling, job copies, job preview, automatic tiling and rotation of print jobs, MIM (Media-Ink Metamode) technology for color management as well as features such as cropping for the definition of image cut outs.

As a universal software RIP, PRODUCTIONSERVER5 SELECT offers extensive base functionality and which can be expanded by OPTIONS at any time, the functions of the PRO or ULTIMATE versions. This is the least expensive way to enter the professional print-for-pay market. This solution can be complemented with the PRODUCTIONSERVER5 PRO and ULTIMATE functions at any time.

Optional functions and Modules available for PRODUCTIONSERVER5 to enhance your service spectrum by Proofing, Film production, integrated Profiling and much more.


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